Asphalt Seal Coating – Central and Southeastern Ohio

Do you think that simply sealing your asphalt is all that is needed for cracks in your commercial parking lot or driveway in ?

All cracks in your driveway need to be repaired with crack sealant prior to sealing your driveway.  The best method is a hot crack filler to seal the cracks in your asphalt driveway or concrete parking lot though for large cracks you may need to be repeated yearly to prevent your driveway from splintering like glass on a window of your car.

Best time to seal cracks in your Asphalt in :  spring, summer, fall and it needs to be dry for a day at least.

Hot Mix Asphalt Crack Sealer

Process of using a Hot Mix Crack Sealer – All cracks will be cleaned to be free of debris, it is best to use hot crack filler heated up to around 390 degrees, cracks should not be more that 1″ for best results, larger cracks may require an alternate method of repairing.  It is important to repair cracks as they appear to avoid spreading which occurs when moisture gets into cracks, winter can be especially bad if cracks are let go due to freezing and thawing of moisture that gets under the asphalt.

Asphalt Patching – Pot Hole Repair

Some parking lots need more than just crack sealing, our specialist can let you know which is best for you, crack sealing or asphalt patching. We at Asphalt Crack Sealers can provide you complete Asphalt Maintenance which includes:

Asphalt Patching
Pot Hole Repairs
Burm Construction
Parking Bumpers

Asphalt Seal Coating

Seal coating asphalt pavement slows pavement deterioration by protecting against the enemies of a parking lot. However, for maximum benefit, asphalt seal coat needs to be applied approximately 12 months after the initial construction and then on a regular basis, about every 24-36 months, thereafter.

Asphalt Seal coating after crack sealing should be done every two or three years will significantly extend the life of your asphalt pavement for minimal cost.

Asphalt Seal coating prevents oxidation. Asphalt pavement begins to deteriorate almost as soon as it is placed. Oxygen combines with the asphalt binder in the pavement and begins to break down the binder. Seal coating provides a protective barrier that protects the binder in the pavement from oxidation.

Asphalt Seal coating stops weather damage when properly applied to the specifications outlined above. Moisture penetration is one of the leading causes of pavement failure this is also why asphalt crack sealing needs to be done prior. Seal coating forms a water tight film that prevents moisture from penetrating and damaging your pavement surface.

Our Asphalt Seal Coating is environmentally friendly.

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